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Encouraging a Workplace Culture of Technological Downtime

Many of us depend on technology day in and day out to perform the bulk our responsibilities on the job. Smart phones, laptops, remote workspace solutions, and the prominence of free WiFi often allow us to log in and make serious headway on our tasks in a variety of locations. Mobile working environments allow for greater flexibility and productivity—as long as we create a culture of switching off when our workday is over.

Business owners play a role in creating an “e-resilient” staff and culture in the workplace. According to the British Psychological Society, employees who feel pressured to stay logged in and switched on all day feel intense pressure, worry about the future, and perform poorly.

Encouraging your employees to unplug when necessary starts by setting examples with your technology use behavior:

• Reply to emails during standard business hours. When an employee sees their manager replying to emails in the middle of the night, they feel pressure to be working late, too.
• When you’re not working or unavailable, set an out of office alert and do not reply to emails.
• Try designating an upcoming holiday weekend as an email-free period.

Promoting productivity, a positive life-to-screentime balance, and e-resilience starts with healthy behavior from the top.

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