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Distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) are malicious attempts to disrupt access to a server or network resource by flooding a targeted system with traffic, making it unavailable.

DDoS attacks prevent legitimate visitors from reaching your site, and network outages can negatively impact all aspects of your business: from loss of sales to decreased customer loyalty. These attacks are on the rise—and we have tips for preventing them:

  • Start planning for DDoS attacks in advance. It’s far more difficult to respond to the effects of an attack after it has started, so it is vital to implement these changes now—before an attack.
  • Ensure your network architecture is resilient. While no attacks can be prevented completely, ensuring your network is resilient makes your systems more difficult to disrupt.
  • Deploy hardware that is built to resist known attack styles. Some DDoS attacks have existed for a long time—and some hardware is able to protect against these known attacks.
  • Stay informed about cyber crimes. As methods for disrupting services and attacking businesses become more sophisticated, your systems must adapt. Continuing to learn about how to protect your business is an critical element of ensuring security.

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