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Here’s How to Provide the Best Protection Against Hackers

The scary truth is that there are hackers out there who are capable of cracking just about any code. That said, there are some clear steps that you can take to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to nefariously access your company’s valuable data. Here are a few essentials:

  1. Know What You’re Up Against: If you don’t know what’s possible, how can you best protect against it? The Hacker News is an informative site that will help you stay up to speed on the latest threats and countermeasures.
  2. Be Diligent with Network Security: Never (ever) write passwords down and have all staff members change passwords frequently. Required malware scans for any devices ever plugged into the network also go a long way.
  3. Use a Firewall: Firewall protection intercepts all incoming traffic to your network. You can purchase cloud-based firewall services for a monthly fee.
  4. Use Data Encryption: Data encryption protects your users’ data from falling into the wrong hands while in transit from them to you.

For more tips on ensuring your data is as secure as possible, have a local team of IT professionals run a full network analysis on your current vulnerabilities.

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