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Improve the Way Your Business Tracks its Tech

When your business started, the whole operation might have been you, a phone, and computer. As your business grew, and that one phone became three or four phones, and you found yourself with three or four computers and just as many employees. You all knew where each computer and phone belonged, even as you grew. IT assets weren’t misplaced, and you could keep track of all of those moving pieces of hardware in that trusty spreadsheet. Right?

Keeping track of serial numbers and the assigned employee in a spreadsheet might work for a year or two, but your business relies on hardware to run smoothly: servers, workstations, mobile devices, phones, AV systems. Failing to keep accurate records of your IT assets could be detrimental to the health of your business overall.

Here are three reasons to tighten up your IT asset management:

1. Your hardware is an investment. You don’t need us to tell you that equipment isn’t cheap. If piece of tech disappears without consequence, you are throwing money into the void. Keep track of your investments effectively.
2. Your hardware contains sensitive data. Misplacing or losing a piece of hardware can put your business at risk. Each piece of mobile technology carries sensitive company data, and keeping track of where these assets are going—and who is carrying them—helps keep your information secure.
3. Your hardware must be maintained and eventually replaced. Do you know how many workstations are in need of an upgrade in the next calendar year? Do you have a sense of what part of your IT budget should be spent on maintaining aging systems? Keeping track of your assets helps your business build a better picture of what IT costs are on the horizon.

Need help establishing a robust and sustainable system for tracking down and keeping up with your IT assets? Give us a call!

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Bitboyz was founded on the belief that our customers should be able to pick the technology they want and receive customized, hassle-free IT support. We proudly serve a variety of businesses, including architectural, engineering and manufacturing firms among others. Call us today for a free consultation!

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