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Prepare Your Business for the New Year

Technology continues to change—often faster than we’re able to adapt. Part of keeping your business protected and cutting edge involves staying aware of what technological trends are developing. According to Forbes, here are some of the trends to be aware of as we turn our calendars over to 2017:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): 2016 was the year of Pokémon Go, an AR game, and its explosive popularity. It’s predicted that AR and VR technologies will continue to develop, amaze, and dominate in the coming year.
  • Automation: Advancements in automation may, in 2017, enable unprecedented levels of productivity in the white collar sector.


  • Machine Learning: When paired with automation, advancements in machine learning combine to create powerful search and analysis tools. In recent years, machine learning helped improve Google’s search engine algorithm, and may reach every form of technology as the technology improves and develops.
  • On-Demand Services: The ‘get it now’ service delivery style that became popularized with Uber, the on-demand car service, has spread to on-demand food, drinks, and lodging apps. As more and more people are comfortable with these on-demand, app-based services, these tactics may transform unexplored industries.

Some trends fade or change just as quickly as they arrived—but some create lasting changes in the way we interact with technology, build our IT systems, develop IT security protocols, and run our businesses.

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