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Virtual Employees Require Secure, Reliable Solutions

Workforces are becoming increasingly mobile. As workers stray from the traditional office spaces, our IT systems must adapt to ensure our data is secure and our employees can do the same work no matter where they log in.

Remote workers often log in at coffee shops, hotel rooms, and airports on public, unsecured WiFi connections. Step one in mobilizing your employees is finding a solution that allows users to log into their remote session and while keeping the company’s data secure.

In addition to establishing a solution for secure connections, all incoming employees must be trained on security protocols for working remotely. How are files accessed and transferred? What kinds of devices can be used to perform their work?

If your employees log into a remote session and cannot perform their job because the connection is lagging or dropping out, their productivity suffers. Period. A fast, reliable connection to the remote solution is vital to a remote worker’s success.

Can your employees log on to their remote sessions and access the same programs and files they can on their computer in the office? In order for remote workers to be successful, they must have the right tools, no matter where they log in.

Does your business need assistance establishing IT solutions for a team of remote workers? We can help!

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Bitboyz was founded on the belief that our customers should be able to pick the technology they want and receive customized, hassle-free IT support. We proudly serve a variety of businesses, including architectural, engineering and manufacturing firms among others. Call us today for a free consultation!

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