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Web video is a very simple and effective way to convey information about a business, yet many businesses still aren’t utilizing it. If you’ve been wondering how you can use videos for your business, take a look at these great examples.

Testimonials are a great way to share your company’s success stories with prospective clients. Satisfied customers are often very willing to give testimonials, and requesting them in the form of videos is not uncommon.


Many people know how to create a simple video and webcams are almost always built-in to newer computers. So, next time someone praises your company, ask them for a 30 second video to add to your site!

Replace written content

Most websites are designed the same way: written content everywhere, with sparse images. In order to spruce up your website and prevent people from getting lost in too much text, try using video to describe your business.


Replacing a traditional “About us” page with a video can give people a better understanding of your company, as well as a break from potentially overwhelming text.

Demo and “How to” videos are pretty common for businesses. Unfortunately, many people who do not sell products that can be demonstrated through video believe that they can’t use these videos. That is simply untrue.


A clothing boutique, for example, can do a video on the month’s trends, or how to best wear a certain item of clothing. These videos are ideal because they portray you as an expert in your field.


Videos are an amazing way to convey your message without overwhelming anyone. For more information on how to use web video for your business, check out this article.


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