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Keeping Your Files Safe When Sharing Externally

File sharing happens all day, every day as users exchange information. As a small business, it it is critical to implement file-sharing protocols that protect your privacy—and the privacy of your clients. Unsafe practices can put your data at risk for malicious attacks.

The first step to ensure data safety in your small business’s file-sharing practices is to acknowledge and assess the problem. While it may seem easier to stick with consumer-grade solutions to file-sharing needs, your business is at risk when you don’t take proper precautions.

Start by:

Identifying where users have implemented Shadow IT: Shadow IT is a term used to describe IT systems that are used by staff without organizational approval. For example, a small team using a consumer-grade, cloud-based, file-sharing account, or an individual using a personal email address to send and receive files. Make a note of these practices and indicate where your business must implement new solutions, protocols, and practices.

Choosing a business-grade service for cloud-based file-sharing: If you have identified the need for a cloud-based file-sharing service, make the investment in a business-grade solution. While consumer-grade solutions may be cheaper, they are not built with the security needs of a small business in mind and can put you at risk of a data breach.

Educating your staff regularly: Because sharing files is so commonplace, both in the business world and in our personal lives, it can be easy to forget how important it is to handle information with care and sensitivity. Users should understand what they can and cannot share with external parties, how to share files safely, and when to ask questions.

If you need help implementing safe file-sharing practices in your business, give us a call!

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