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How to Effectively Protect Your Business from Data Loss

When it comes to data, the long and the short of it is that, sometimes, things can go wrong. File transfers get interrupted. Files themselves can become corrupted. Storage systems fail. Processing systems encounter errors. Computer viruses wreak havoc on file systems. There are all sorts of “what ifs” that apply to data loss and, chances are, over the course of a given business’s lifetime, it will experience one or more data vulnerability issues.

So, what to do when the worst happens? First and foremost, all businesses need a solid data backup system in place. This doesn’t prevent issues like viruses, hackers or data loss as a result of equipment damage, for example, but it does provide a crucial piece of the puzzle when trying to rebuild data after loss.

Another important piece is proper use of the cloud. Cloud storage is not incorruptible, but data backup is instantaneous as you create, save or share via the cloud, and that is a huge reassurance for many businesses. And of course, working with IT professionals to ensure a solid hardware backup and recovery plan is in place in case of emergency is also essential.

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