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Optimizing Data Security for Your Business

With cyber attacks all over the news lately, you may find yourself wondering just how safe your company’s data is. While no server is 100% impenetrable, Dropbox’s head of security, Patrick Heim, has seen firsthand what compromises even the toughest of systems and he offered a few tips in a recent Inc. article. Here’s what he suggests:

1. Deal with the ex-employee problem: Sad but true: small businesses with high turnover rates are what, according to Heim, contribute most to data insecurity. He recommends ensuring that you have more than one individual in place to manage IT security and that you immediately revoke all access accounts from employees upon their departure.

2. Choose your cloud provider carefully: The International Organization for Standardization; the Security Alliance’s Security Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR); and the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants all offer certification on cloud providers. Select a provider that is aligned with the highest standards of security as vouched for by one or more of these organizations.

3. Use multiple passwords: You’ve probably heard this advice a lot, but we’ll share it again in case you’ve been waiting for a reason to comply. Quite simply, don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. If a hacker cracks one site’s login credentials, he or she will then have access to a whole slew of other sites where you have repeated your password.

4. Say yes to two-factor authentication: This is a tool that recognizes logins from atypical locations and will prompt the user for additional information beyond just a password (i.e., answers to security questions or a texted or emailed code number). This is a highly effective security measure.

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