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Cloud computing from Cleveland Ohio

A Cloud Computing Solutions Provider Means You Can Work Anywhere Anytime


Navigating all the different cloud solutions and cloud services available can be daunting. There are so many options, it’s hard to figure out what cloud solution is the not only the right fit, but the best fit for your company’s needs.   


We understand how to implement the right cloud solutions for you industry.

We service multiple industries, from medical, manufacturing, engineering and more. That’s given us a broader perspective on what works across verticals, and what specific cloud products are a fit for very industry specific needs. Whatever your needs are, we have a cloud product that will fit your workflow. 


mobilize your workforce. 

Workforce mobility is more important than ever. From hybrid to full-cloud office deployments, we can help make sure your team has the ability to do their work anywhere and anytime, and that they can access it all safely and securely. 


lower your technology hardware spend. 

Leveraging cloud solutions help flatten your IT budget and reduce spending on hardware and hardware refreshes. Migrating to a primarily cloud based infrastructure will help you get more out of your IT spend by lowering your investment and increase availability, security, and productivity.


reduce or eliminate downtime and points of failure. 

The right cloud computing solution can mean a more resilient network infrastructure for your team. Leverage having access to your suite of tools in multiple data centers with failover technology and higher availability that would cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to build out yourself. 


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“TRNSFRM is amazing to work with – they’re so quick to respond to any issue, helpful, knowledgeable and best of all, explain things in a thoughtful way. They work within your budget and will help you come up with the best solution for your office IT needs. Highly recommend this team!!”

Sophia Fields
Gravitas ventures

“TRSNFRM is a fabulous company to work with! They are knowledgeable, professional, reliable, prompt, and friendly. My company works with them daily and they provide excellent IT service for the 47+ locations we have. They are quick but also thorough. Always going above and beyond to help us out and get done what we need. Every member of the TRNSFRM team is a valuable asset for which I am professionally and personally thankful.”


SHannon ROTH

Welcome House Inc. 

“TRNSFRM have been our IT specialists for almost 8 years. We appreciate their expertise and speedy help whenever we are in need. They always make time to answer questions and explain issues in a way I understand. They are quick to problem solve and get me back and running! I am so glad they are only a phone call away!.”


Rockland Ray

Rockland Ray DDS

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Schedule a no-obligation IT review and well give you one month of free service with your managed service agreement. If you aren’t happy with the first 30 days of service, we’ll cancel your agreement with no hassle.


What do our cloud computing Service offerings include?


Cloud Computing generally refers to a broad set of hosted software applications and hardware hosted by a 3rd party company.

Our cloud computing services include but are not limited to the following.



Cloud hosted desktops


Infrastructure As A Service


Business Continuity




Microsoft 365


G Suite by Google


Box Cloud Storage


Unified Communications

Get Your First Month Free

Schedule a no-obligation IT review and well give you one month of free service with your managed service agreement. If you aren't happy with the first 30 days of service, we'll cancel your agreement with no hassle.