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Cyber Attacks are Intelligent, So Your Cybersecurity Solution Should Be Too.

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Today, cyberattacks on businesses are a growing problem. Cybercriminals are constantly working to find new ways to infiltrate the networks of companies and steal sensitive information.

To combat these attacks, we need to challenge the traditional cybersecurity model. Traditional cybersecurity models rely on perimeter defenses, but that is not enough anymore because hackers can use social engineering techniques and other creative methods to get inside the company’s network and gain access to their private data.

We need a new type of cybersecurity that focuses on protecting data at the edge of the network instead of waiting until it reaches a central location.

As the internet becomes more and more central to our lives, cybersecurity has become a priority for the government. However, this is not enough as hackers are getting more intelligent and more challenging to track. A solution for this is to push cybersecurity to the edge. We can use sensors that are at the center of a network with all its devices and servers. There is also a technique called ‘honeypots’; these are false targets that attract hackers into thinking they have found vulnerable systems when they are just decoys.

The benefits of pushing security to the edge rather than relying on centralized security services include:

– Tracking threats from their origin point
– Better protection with less vulnerability
– More flexibility in terms of protection
– More appropriate response time

With the increase in cyber-attacks threatening both business and government, this is an important topic to discuss.
Cybersecurity is not just about protecting data on company servers and computers. It also needs to be deployed to the edge of the network where IoT devices reside. Data breaches are now a reality that every organization faces, and it is time for cybersecurity defenses to take them into account.

Pushing cybersecurity to the edge means that companies need to detect cyber threats as close as possible from their source, without relying on central systems or data centers for protection.

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